My Favorite Season Essay : Fall Is My Favorite Season Sample Essay

My Favorite Season Essay : Fall Is My Favorite Season Sample Essay

It is certainly a deep and reflective question when I am questioned about my favorite season of the year. I like the brightness and colors of the summer along with all the outside activities that can be done daily. I also enjoy the flourishing of the spring and the nice natural breeze in the air that follows me during my evening walks. I love the looks of the winter and the enjoyment of being inside enjoying my coffee or hot tea while watching the beautiful view outside of my window. Although, all three seasons have many pros to them, I believe that fall is my very favorite considering the mix of the warmth of summer and the cold winds of the winter, along with the dark evenings and the looks of the leaves falling from the trees after being hit with the winds alarming that the winter is coming soon.

One of my favorite hobbies is to go on walks, sometimes I like to walk around in busy areas such as downtown or at the mall, sometimes I go for a natural look and feel of a local park, and sometimes I visit hiking places in the country to change the views and mix things up a little. I enjoy walking in the fall the most, mainly because the as the sunset hits I can see the transition from a busy day of work to an evening rest that people express in their body language either when driving or walking past me. I also enjoy walking in the open around trees, lakes and grass, where I can hear the birds, feel the wind and enjoy the purity of the air while appreciating the view of nature. I also enjoy the falling of the leaves and the new colors and look that the nature gets with the approach of the winter.

I enjoy watching college sports including football, soccer and volleyball which are all fall sports and can keep me busy by keeping track of results, watching highlights and going to the local college to watch and support them in person. As a former student-athlete I know that I will always have a competitive spirit in most things that I do, and simply by attending games and following my favorite teams perform, I fulfill my competitive spirit to a certain extent. I also like to follow the growth of the players who develop throughout the years to become better and better throughout their college career. Another aspect of fall sports that I really enjoy are the arguments and debates between my friends and I on plays, coaches, games and players all over the country. We usually have weekly gatherings to talk and get together and the only subject that matters during the fall is sports.

Fall is also when Thanksgiving happens. Family and friends get together usually at my grandparent’s house to enjoy the most delicious food of the year as well as to catch up and update one another of what is going on in their lives. It is really enjoyable to meet my family members who I do not get to see very often and play board games, throw a football around and watch movies after filling up with the special traditional thanksgiving meals that everyone makes and brings as their contribution to the meal preparation. Another event that I really enjoy is Halloween. Although, I am an adult now and do not get to go over from one house to the next trick or treating but I still get to dress up every year and get creative with costumes based on shows that I watch, superheroes, basketball players such as James Harden (my favorite costume ever) and book characters that I bring to life. I usually get together with some friends, and we go out and enjoy the night by looking at other people’s costume, playing with kids along the way and distributing candy to people that we find on the streets. It is a lot of fun because we get to have a different spirit after we put on the costume. We are just children once more and get to enjoy simple things such as being gifted with a chocolate bar or our favorite candy. That is all we need in order to put on a smile in our faces and move on to the next interaction of the night.

Lastly one of my favorite aspects of fall is simply the temperature outside. It is usually an inviting temperature that makes me wear my favorite clothes and feel a calm, peace and empowering breeze while having the view of the change of colors of the trees as well as the leaves falling. It is a very pretty season where nature just puts on a show of colors and design and many times, we take it for granted being caught up in our busy schedules and our daily routines. It is incredible how often in the fall nature just catches my eyes and make me reflect on how beautiful our lives can be if we focus on the little things, which most of the time is not bought but given by the beauty that is nature around us.