Discuss the health concern you studied in your fieldwork. (Obesity).

Order Instructions:
B. Assessment
1. Discuss the health concern you studied in your fieldwork. (Obesity). Include the following:
• Background in relation to Healthy People 2020 (2010) and local public health data that characterizes Obesity
• Data from national, state, and/or local level related to Adult Obesity LA California
2. Describe the population of interest(Adult) affected by the health concern(obesity) you studied in your fieldwork. In your description, include each of the following components:
• Gender
• Age
• Demographics including socioeconomic status and educational level
a. Describe how this health concern (Obesity) is linked to a health inequity for the population of interest.(Adult).
b. Use data to support your conclusion.
C. Diagnosis
1. Discuss aspects of adult obesity not being addressed despite the efforts of the partners involved.

D. Outcomes Identification
1. Describe the ultimate outcome(s) or goal(s) for improvement related to Adult Obesity

E. Planning
1. Recommend nursing actions to improve Adult Obesity.
Note: Use the Minnesota intervention wheel as an aid in selecting the broad areas for nursing action.
2. Explain how you and other nurses might work with the community and the population of interest to improve Adult obesity.
Note: Select primary and secondary prevention activities only.
3. Discuss potential public and private partnerships that could be formed to implement your recommendations.
4. Discuss the overall objective(s) for implementing these activities.
5. Create a timelines for expected outcomes.

F. Evaluation
1. Explain how you would evaluate whether the efforts to improve the adult obesity concern were effective.
• Include in your explanation the tools you might use to do this evaluation.
G. Conclusion
1. Reflect on how your perspective of the community’s health and the national, state, and local efforts toward a healthier population has changed as a result of your fieldwork.

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