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Study Techniques That Will Help You Study Creatively

Study Techniques That Will Help You Study Creatively

Effective Study Techniques That Will Help You Study 

Studying is the one word in every college student’s mind. Studying can make any student go crazy due to the pressure that comes with exams and projects. However, there is always a way out and you can follow the tips below to help you study effectively:

 1. Take short notes

Reading an entire textbook of notes can be overwhelming. Taking short notes will help you have an easy time when revising. You may think that this is repetition but it is a great way for memorization. The time you use typing counts as studying because you get to absorb information.

 2. Take short breaks

You cannot just study and study without breaks. Take a break after every thirty minutes to clear your head and let what you have read to sink in. Take a walk, grab a snack, or chat with your friends for at least five minutes.

 3. Reward Yourself

Good grades are a perfect way to reward yourself. However, you can reward yourself with a piece of chocolate every time you finish a chapter of a textbook. This will motivate you and keep things exciting. The concept of rewarding yourself after a job well done works for all kinds of people.

 4. Use Your Friends

One of the best concepts of studying is doing it with a group of friends. Get together with a group of friends and create a schedule for a group study. Try to create a small group to avoid arguments for a whole evening. Meet up at a location on campus like at the library or go at a coffee shop. In addition, have your friends quiz you by using flash cards.

 5. Avoid Caffeine

Having too much coffee could destroy your dreams. While it is not bad to have a little coffee, drinking it excessively could totally harm you. It takes at least six hours for one-half of the caffeine effects to be eliminated according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep is very crucial for your brain to function properly. Pulling an all-nighter is not healthy since it makes it hard to retain the information you studied.

 6. Use Highlighters and color coding

Colors are a perfect way to help your brain and eyes pull out information to store. Highlight all the main points that you need to memorize. Use highlighters to make things stand out such as key words, vocabulary, and categories.

7. Log out from your social media apps

I know it is tempting but try logging out from your social media. Social media is a huge distraction and once you start peeping at your Facebook you will not stop. Use your break time to catch up on social media if you really have to use the apps.

 Remember, your mental health is more important than your grades. Try not to overwork yourself since you cannot get it all in one night.

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