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Study Tips To Get You Through College

Study Tips To Get You Through College

Study Tips That Will Help You In College

Students get overwhelmed due to juggling classes, clubs, internships, volunteer work, spending time with friends, calling home to the family and having time to relax. The whirlwind that is college envelops students with deadlines and exams, info sessions and meetings as soon as you get to campus and it can be a bit much. Feeling overwhelmed is inevitable, but it is also manageable; there are ways to beat the impending or present anxieties:

  1. Make lists

So much goes around students’ lives that can be daunting. Make a list in order to resolve this disorganization of the mind. Start with each of your classes. List upcoming assignments, quizzes, papers and exams, then move on to your other responsibilities, teams, clubs, internships, and jobs. By the end, you will have a comprehensive list of everything you need to do. It may surprise you just how much the simple act of writing your to-do’s down will calm your mind. You will be able to prioritize each task and focus on the one at hand.

  1. Create a calendar

Creating lists can be helpful to organize the tasks you need to complete onto a calendar. This is especially important for time management. This is a solution to all the procrastinators out there. Asses the dates and deadlines from your to-do list, and decide how long each task will reasonably take to complete. Remember to keep in mind how much time you want to devote to homework and studying each night.

  1. Use your time effectively

This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in college. Every one struggles with managing time since it is hard not to be distracted. Oftentimes it is not even on purpose. You open your textbook to begin a reading and halfway down the second page your phone buzzes. You attempt to keep going, finish your page or your paragraph at least, but the curiosity is killing you. After responding to the message, you click onto other apps out of habit and suddenly 20 minutes have gone by and you are still just a page and a half into your reading. Keep your phone on silent mode and close all your social media tabs.

You can take breaks for coffee, friends, and phone checking, but regulate that time. A 10 minute break will give your mind a chance to relax, but will not totally remove you from your work, leading to an easier transition back to it from the break.

  1. Do not forget to budget out some “You” time

This is often overlooked. Self-care is vital to our well-being and thus, our ability to work efficiently. However, students prioritize everything above their own well-being, giving up sleep to finish assignments and meals to attend classes. In addition, with everything going on in their lives, there are hardly ever moments for us to be alone and just relax.

It is impossible to work effectively when we are tired and burnt out, so take a little time just for you. Eat a meal without studying between every bite, sit outside between classes, and listen to some music. When it is time to go back to studying, your mind will be rested and ready to take on the next task

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