Use the pyramid of evidence or hierarchy of evidence to help you evaluate the strength of your evidence.

Evidence Based Practice

Required Texts:
Grove, S., Burns, N., Gray, J. (2013). The Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal,
Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence (7th Ed) . Philadelphia: Elsevier ISBN:978-1-4557-0736-2 (pbk.)
Melnyk, B & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2011). Evidence based practice in nursing and healthcare. (2nd Ed). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams Wilkins.

1. The EBP Project Paper consists of Chapters I and II. Maximum number of pages is 10 excluding the title page and reference pages.
2. Chapter I consist of the Problem, Background and Significance. Formulate your burning clinical questions and state it in PICOT format. Read the chapter in Melnyk and Burns on Problem and PICOT statement. Find specific gaps in knowledge needed for practice to guide your choosing an appropriate and relevant problem. Your literature review will also help you with stating your PICOT question.
3. Chapter II is the Literature Review section.
a. Conduct a literature search and select at least 5-8 articles from Cochran Review, CINAHL or other databases of nursing research journals.
b. Make sure that these articles will support your PICO. In choosing the research articles, consider the strength of these articles based on the hierarchy of evidence in Melnyck.
c. Critically appraise each article using the critiquing guidelines and appraisal of evidence guidelines found in the course documents and your textbooks.
d. Use the pyramid of evidence or hierarchy of evidence to help you evaluate the strength of your evidence. The weaker the evidence is, the less support you get for your PICO.
4. Write your literature review in 5-8 pages using the APA format.
5. Summarize your literature review in a synthesis table and put it at end of your literature review.
In the beginning of this EBP project include Abstract and make sure you summarize the literature review in a synthesis table at the end.
In Significance part make sure you show mortality, morbility of the problem and money used.

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